Why search in categories doesn't really work?


I have gigs in category “illustration”, I tried to search for it and in “sellers online” category, but it only shows me 2 pages of such gigs and there no my gigs.
So I wanted to know, how does it work?

P.S. the post changed


Gigs not showing as being online is an ongoing intermittent problem.


Do your gigs actually appear anywhere in the search?

I have a new gig which doesn’t appear anywhere, even when scrolling through every listing in the category in question. I am working on the theory that this might be an algorithm update and that new gigs might only appear in the search after traffic lands on them from outside Fiverr.

That said, my gig could also be interpreted by some as a wee bit rude and Fiverr might have censored it accordingly.


I tried to search by a tag and it shows.


Yeah, sometimes it takes a while to reflect in the search page. Are all your tags correct? If so, did you change them recently? It might take a while for the SEO to be updated.


I think so. No, I only changed one gig recently, all the other still the same.