Why seller ask to do the job before creating task?



Some sellers ask to do the job before creating the tas so they deliver before the task is even created.

I feel they want to make sure the buyer will be satisfy and have 5 stars. But on buyer side, we have no guarantee the seller is actually doing the work…

It’s been multiple times I encounter some sellers requesting to the job before I order.



If you haven’t placed an order, why would a seller even start the job?

Please, always place an order, so that everything can be tracked on one page - it’s more secure for both you and the seller. If you get a seller who wants to do as you’ve described, please tell them that you’ll place an order before they start. :sunny:


to avoid the cancellation and disappoint, Actually the seller do just the first draft or maybe just an example and not all work and do not deliver all files which the buyer need them, so this is why they start before placing order, when the buyer be satisfied then he should place the order !


From what I learned about gibberish like yours, you probably mean that the seller wants you to mark the order complete before he finishes the job.

Don’t do that. Sellers who do that are scammers. Period.


Ah - thank you for the translation! :slightly_smiling_face:

Makes more sense now.


I learned that from answers @jonbaas gave in previous post. I always wonder how he doesn’t get tired of translating gibberish into real language.


No that’s not what I mean.

For example on graphics / pictures
Sellers do the job in private message, send the final .JPG and then once satisfied create the task and ask to pay and deliver the source file.


For that situation, please read my response above. :wink:


What you write doesn’t make any sense. Try to have somebody what you want to say from your language into English.
I’m tired of your gibberish and out of here.
Good luck.


lol? Sorry if you can’t read english.


Well ask the seller why he’s starting the order… I don’t even know why.
Like I said I believe he wants to make sure he will get 5 stars…


I still don’t see how an order can be started without the buyer giving the seller all the info needed and actually paying - sorry.

If you’re offered this way of doing things please decline.


Funny is that seller is not new. He has almost 500 reviews - 5 stars.


If they do it without an order then take the logo and run. If they are stupid enough to do the job without an order then they don’t deserve to get paid :stuck_out_tongue: Teach them a lesson!
Freakin’ scammers!


That’s not an order - it’s one person giving another person free work.


Yes that’s free work… And I don’t really understand why he does that way. but the reasons behind are like I said in my first message please re read carefully.


I can read really well thank you! :sunny:

As I said, asking a seller to do something without an order isn’t an order. A seller asking a buyer not to place an order for the reasons you gave isn’t on. Please place an order from your seller before they start work.


This is the first sentence that made sense, yet one of the most stupid ones.
You should be a little bit more respectful to people who try to help you, even though your English sucks big time.


I use a TRS designer who does this sometimes and I was surprised but happy the first time he did it. I sent a message asking him if he could do the art I was describing and got in return a finished example, asking if that was what I wanted. I hadn’t placed an order.

So I then placed the order and he re-delivered what he had sent.

I had not asked him for an example, he simply went ahead and did the job without an order. He has over 13,000 reviews with only about 5 negative ones. I imagine him getting taken advantage of by doing this, but apparently it works for him.


I’m very respectful, your tone is not since you started to comment on this topic. Some people should question themselve.