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Why sellers are advertising their selfies on "Buyers Request" section?!

Hello fiverr sellers,

I think fiverr has made “Buyers Request” section for buyers, they request help and your job as a seller Is to send them your offer.

But I see something different Is happening, many sellers are advertising their gigs on Buyers Request section, that Is ridiculous!

There are several ways to advertise your gig, but not In Buyers Request.

I would tell you that buyers are not going to Buyers Request section to get what they need, they directly go to search section and look for sellers!

So all buyers please understand that.


Those spammers ain’t reading this.


I also see that a lot, sellers should not be posting on the buyer request section

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Yes they should not do that

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i am tired of seeing sellers in BR section. Wish fiverr had an Seller Section where i could post my requrets as Buyer :smiley:

I just check the buyer requestion section now and still see some seller still posting there, it sucks


OMG! You guys just stop posting this thread. I mean come on
Yes this is redonkulous but we have this kind of thread like billions of them. Literlearellrrlry
Always use search bar first to see if we already have similar topic and when you write new topic fiverr also give you a small preview of similar posts. I bet it will show

OMG! You guys just stop posting this thread. I mean …


Looks like, those spammers can’t read properly and are shameless.

To me this is disgusting for sellers to be using BR a section that is not made for them, just imagine that!

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You do not need to post your service on Buyer Requests section, If you want to get orders go and apply your offer to buyers.

Why we have something called “Gig”? I mean you already did post your service by creating a gig!

Their posts should be not posted, because any request go to fiverr revision before It posted on BR section.

Fiverr review every single request, so why I keep seeing sellers posts there?!!

Yeah 50% Seller advertising & 50% Real Buyer Request in BR Section

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Yes that Is almost correct, sometimes 90% Sellers vs 10% buyers, that’s funny

Ha ha :smile: yeah .you right

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No problem with that, when there are billions like this topic, fiverr will pay attention to this problem and find solutions for It. :slight_smile:

Years have past with each one hosting who knows how many posts on the topic. There are even posts with replies suggesting what can be done to improve the situation. Alas nothing has come to light.

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That Is the actual problem, hope we get solutions soon!