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Why sellers are always busy on big projects?

I am trying to find a seller to fix a simple bug in my magento website. There are a lot in Fiverr. I always contact them previousely to ask if they are avaliable before placing my order, but answer is always the same: " Sorry i’m busy on a big project" Is anyone facing same problem? What do i have to do? Place directly my order without contacting them previousely?

If they have the average time limit set to what you requires the work within or less then you can go for ordering directly. But if the seller says that he/she is busy then it is not advisable to force them. Thanks.

Have you tried the ‘new arrival’ gigs? I bet they would love to get some work. It would help them quite a lot!

I agreed with #flatpp, he is saying right just checked new arrival and level one seller.they are always keen to work. And solve your problem soon

Truth is, Top rated sellers are busy. Go for new sellers or level 1 sellers and they’ll even beg you to give them the task.

Itsy as simple as that

If your site difficult to repair, then you have to spend a few dollars out of your pocket.
Do not be stingy for great results.
There is a price for quality

Sometimes, magento bug fixes can take a long time. And I am assuming that you are willing to pay $5. This is very low and may not attract many sellers.

If you go to level 2 sellers or top rated sellers, they may not be interested in the project as they are used to getting projects that require them to create a complete website or something similar.

You can search for level 1 sellers or some new sellers for this type of services. Magento is a bit complex and people who already have projects under their belt wouldn’t accept your offer is you are on a really tight budget.

Ordering the gig without contacting the seller may result in mutual cancellation which doesn’t affect the sellers profile and your funds will be stuck in the Fiverr’s wallet.