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Why sellers are anable to give review to buyer!

buyer can give good/bad feedback reviews but why seller unable to give reviews after finishing job if buyer not leave reviews? If that seller can understand how good the buyer is?

It doesn’t work that way. Sellers are only allowed to respond to the reviews that buyers choose to post. Since buyer ratings are not currently tracked by Fiverr, it would not serve any purpose for a seller to leave a random review of a buyer.

If a buyer fails to leave a review, it may be because they didn’t like your service but not enough to leave a bad review. Or, maybe they just forgot.

You can always contact your buyer and remind them to leave a positive review for you if you’d like.

one of my buyers frequently buy my gigs and he also likes my works. but he doesn’t like to leave feedback reviews. Is there any impact on gig ranking if numbers of order without reviews? seems buyer is my competitor .!!