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Why sellers are misusing buyer request option?

Hello everyone…

First of all… My mother tongue is not English so there will be some grammar mistakes. Apologies for that! :upside_down_face:

Most recently, I have discovered in the buyer request section that lots of sellers are posting buyer requests for which they are already selling services on Fiverr.

Someone can think “oh he/she is drop-servicing on Fiverr. why you so bother so much”. But after going to that seller’s profile they haven’t any ratings or even a single order but they are asking exactly what they are doing service on Fiverr.

Also, they are posting their youtube links by saying that “go to this link and see what I am looking for” such things. they are drawing traffic to their channel from Fiverr.

And some of them are sharing ad click links to gain clicks through BRs.

Why people are doing these kinds of things? Why are they misuse the Buyer request facility?

We only have 10 BRs per day.

How we make an offer with confidence in this situation?

I hope you guys are having the same problem…

So, Let’s share our thoughts…

Have a good day!
-Dil <3


Now a days this problem is getting big. This is so much frustrating for us. Is there any legal way to check buyer profile before giving him a request? I think if we can check buyer profile before giving request it maybe help us to fight against this problem and this fraud sellers.

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Yeah I think that too…

May be fiverr needs to introduce choose seller level option for buyer requests as well…

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umm! I’m new in Fiverr. I read out your post and I understand. I think we should not do this kind of work for our little benefit. Otherwise, in future, we will suffer.

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I hope that something is done about this misuse of BR and fast.

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yes! Let’s hope so… :slight_smile: