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Why Sellers are Posting on Buyer Request option?

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Now a days I am seeing that Maximum Buyer Requests are done by Fiverr Seller "Who are posting requests regarding their GIGS like Promoting their Gigs through Buyer Request options by writing few concepts regarding their GIGS

Is it a good way to promote GIGS through Buyer request option? As per I know that Buyer Request option is just for BUYERS, where sellers can send proposals and express their ability of solving Buyer’s works.

What should sellers do for this types of Sellers who are promoting their GIGS like this, or is it OK to promote sellers gig related thoughts like " I can do this types of work if anyone need this service then send proposal etc".

Hope everyone will share their Valuable Thoughts… :blush:

Happy Freelancing… :sparkling_heart:

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The Buyer Requests page is meant for actual buyers, not desperate sellers trying to turn the requests page into an advertisement for their own services.

Unfortunately, for some strange reason, there currently isn’t a quick, direct way to report such posts.

Do not try to advertise your own services on the Buyer Requests page. You’ll just further clutter up the raging dumpster fire that the requests page currently is, and will likely be inundated by messages from other clueless, scrupulous sellers who didn’t read a single word posted and will send you a template response to hire them.


Yes, I agree with you.

There should be an option so that real hard working sellers can report those Requests which are posted by a Seller, so that we can only get Real Buyer’s Requests on that options.

I hope Fiverr Team will look at this issue someday. :blush:


I don’t want to leave an incorrect assumption. Fiverr sellers can also post on the Buyer Requests page but only if they are legitimately attempting to hire someone to complete a job. The sellers that make posts bloviating their own skills and begging for other buyers to purchase from them are the one’s that need to be reported (if it were possible).


Yes, I am also talking about those sellers only.

I can have a bigger project and I can Post as buyer that I need some Sellers to work for my project ( As I will Hire Them ) that’s OK.

But posting about their OWN GIG and begging for orders from buyers is not a good idea.

Thank you so much for sharing your Valuable Thought. :sparkling_heart:


I think that buyers who abuse the Buyer’s Request area of the site should get warnings, and if they continue to abuse the privilege of having access to that area, they should either be suspended from Buyer’s Requests for a certain period of time or banned altogether if they cannot understand after being told how that area works.



I agree with you… It’s a section for buyers where seller can show their performance by writing great proposal and get the valuable jobs from those buyers.