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Why sellers become buyers every day?

Every day I saw lots of buyer requests but all of them are the seller. Some of the graphics designer & web developer also but they are looking for a website with just $5. Sometimes some of them are strictly said this is a long term opportunity if any offer goes above our price he will be blocked and report on Fiverr? My question is why they are doing this? Are they real buyers or spammers? My opinion is Fiverr should take action about this scenario. The entire market was destroyed by this kind of job proposal. I’m confused now and can’t think is he a real buyer or not. What’s your opinion?


I think they resell work.

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If you are reseller then you should do this yours with agency account. But they are sellers, not resellers.

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Yes you are right, They are not skilled persons and they just make it business - Just Got and Placed

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I’m disappointed with this kind of seller. If I don’t have the skill then I would leave this because there are lots of skilled people who eventually get any work because of this.

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yes you are right :joy:

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HAHA :rofl::rofl::rofl: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s a free market! They can ask whatever they feel they’re entitled to as long as it abides to Fiverr’s terms of service…it’s, however, your choice to chose whether or not apply for those requests.

Asking Fiverr to “take action” doesn’t make a lot of sense to me as nothing is being forced on you or anyone else.

Just as an example the same seller of which screenshot you posted reached out for me this morning with this exact same request and I simply said: No, thank you, and blocked him.

It’s a mild annoyance at most

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If you support this kind of spamming just ignore. Fiverr must take action after these kinds of supporters are available here.

  1. I don’t know which part of my post could be perceived as supporting this, but okay.

  2. This is a public forum. You need to learn how to accept different views rather than expecting people that disagree with you to just ignore.

  3. Fiverr “must not” do anything just because you want

As I said before you can simply not apply to any requests that you feel are not worth of your time, but if you choose to bring it to a public forum, then the very least you have to do is be able to accept different point of views.

You should by the way blur the image of the seller as name and shame is not allowed on the forum.

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It’s like outsource When a buyer got busy or get lot’s of order they do this…and sometimes they can’t do something hard
then they find people to do
for keep good fiverr stats as well

There are sellers when they get many orders at once, they will find any skilled people to outsource the job. That does not mean that they do not have skill to complete the job.

Yes they don’t have skill you should check those guys profile then you’ll understand what i’m saying

I think they are Spamming through posting job as a buyer mode.

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Yes, they are doing this. because they want services that are not just $5

yes, you exactly correct.

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