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Why seller's concerns are being igonred by Customer Care Executives?

Fiverr’s customer care executives (CCE) ignored my request for removing negative rating from all orders by a particular client because I refuse to give him freebies.

As CCE thinks if

1- A Buyer abuses a seller is cool and not a “violation of Terms of Services” (Yes, buyer used “F” word and called me scammer etc on asking $5 extra for extra labour).

2- A buyer using many account on fiverr is cool and not a “violation of Terms of Services” (He himself accepted that he is using other accounts, as he contacted me using his second account before ordering the gig)

3- If a buyer harasses a seller for freebies is cool and not a "violation of of our Terms of Services"

4- After that, if the same buyer left a negative reviews on all orders to TAKE REVENGE is perfect and as per the “Terms of Services”?

This is what I tried to explain to CCE, but he blamed me for not providing him additional round of revision even tough I already offered him 16 round of free revision which is a milestone and I never did that before to any other client.

My gig description is very clear about free round of revision i.e. I offer only 1 round of free revision, but to earn customer’s satisfaction some time I ignore this, like in this case where I offered him 16 round of free revision over a period of 2 moths.

Buyer also asked for free source file without extra payment even I charge extra for that.

I tried to contact fiverr’s team in this period and they assured me they will help me in case of any problem if I offer more round of revision to the buyer, but fiverr’s team refused to help me citing TOS.

PS: Obviously, at last I had to deny free revision to the buyer as his demands were never ending, most of his revision required to change content and pictures from the order, so it was not my fault.