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Why sellers don't get an order?

Hi Everyone
Welcome to Fiverr Forum. Maximum people here who depressed about the order.
In my experiences, I don’t get an order of about 15 days. then I started to research about Fiverr.
I marketing my gig on social media. Then I got an order.

So, don’t be depressed. Wait and research about Fiverr. You will also get the order.
Thank you.


Thank you I am a new user and have’t get an order yet but still researching on it.


Hi thanks for your tips but I think it’s better if you post this same topic in #Your-Fiverr-Experience:improve-my-gig or #Fiverr-Tips and you’d get more views there :ok_hand:


Me also haven’t get order yet and also still now researching.

I hope you will get your order soon.

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I will next time. Thank you.

I hope you will get your order very quickly.

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How long after you’ve received the order.

Actually It was 15 days.

oh it’s really good. I’ve been to Fiverr a long time.

sent 10 buyer request everyday.

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Thanks for your reply.

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Wow,how did you manage to get 10 buyers everyday?
what type of service are you offering?
From my observation for this 2019,my sales is drooping,buyer request also empty,
am I offering a wrong service?

Which social media platform you think help you, lile facebook etc?

Just research about Fiverr. You will get a good time to send buyer request.

Many social media we know.

How do you send buyer requests? I don’t see buyer requests anywhere.