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Why Sellers look annoying when they distrub others


Hi guys,
I have been trying to apply to Buyer Requests but have found out that there are so many sellers putting their so called “Seller Requests” in there and bother others. They should get rid of their habits and behave like professional ones.

What do you think, am I wrong?
If someone has problem from my words, then I excuse. But its true, sellers shouldn’t do this.

Please write in your comments.
Thanks in advance.


Yeah, I got to a point last evening where I started reporting to CS sellers using the Buyer Request section to spam. I’m sick of filtering these requests and I really wish there was a “report” button or the section would be better administrated.

I noticed there’s a new technique in which the sellers act like a buyer and introduces a link to their gig in their request, telling people they “need a logo just like this”. It’s stupid.


Ugh, I saw that too. There are a lot of them, but what I don’t understand is why on earth do they have offers. Don’t sellers check the link to see if they can work on the so called logo?


I believe the requests come from new sellers who are desperate to get an order. They see a new request with 0 offers sent, and they rush to send theirs without checking the facts.

Also, why would a buyer want a logo “just like this /insert gig here/”, instead of ordering it from there?


Do you think Fiverr should be informed about their misbehavior. What do you think?


This is a common problem that’s been raised already many times. Report the sellers if you like. Fiverr may remove their notices in the buyer request but more will come along. The problem is more common in some gig categories than in others. Fiverr occasionally makes tweaks to try and discourage sellers from posting. It’s not as if buyers even see the buyer requests as it’s only visible if you have a gig to sell.


Yeah, whenever somebody put a youtube video link and ask something rubbish. I always make sure to put a dislike with a comment for fellow sellers.


I can vouch for that. I have no gigs, I can not see anything in B. R. except what I have posted. I recently posted four translation request, all I can see was the four that I posted.

If you are a seller posting “I can translate from ____ to ____”

You wasted your time, I can’t see it; therfore, I can not hire you for it.