Why Sellers Post request in Buyers Request sections? 🤔


I daily see some sellers that post their request in Buyer Request options. But I want to know what they get by posting request as a Buyer however they are sellers and If someone submit a bid on their request so it doesn’t mean that they get an order. So why they waist their time? and if this thing is useful then what is use of this?


it’s called “being desperate and trying to get any kind of exposure.”

In most cases they don’t work though.


instead they get blocked, so please desist from using it.


:joy: Yeah, That was what I thinking…!


Same question I was about to post here too. I can see only sellers in this section.


I was going to post about this, each time I see like more of 50% of the requests are buyers saying something like : I have good drawing skills, I can make great design, I know this or this software…etc it’s outraging

They need to get banned !!


Yeah, it’s getting pretty annoying. Like - if you’re a seller, respond to existing requests, don’t make up your own. That’s what gigs are for, goddammit!


The only reason I can think of besides extra exposure or perhaps confusion is that they might want to see how others respond to buyer requests and potentially copy sales pitches when you respond. I notice even though they are trying to sell something and not actually buy, they still get bids from people… I usually just click the “Remove Request” button when I see this.


You’re right - and I remember there was even a thread on the forum about this matter, about sending offers to sellers’ spam requests to spy on them or something like that :thinking:



You exactly grab my thoughts my word @razanoor
But how they made it possible ?
because every request review by fiver team member or filter then they let it to b happen How ?

Because once i tried :joy::grin:

it get b denied …
And yeah ofcourse its wrong …


As a new seller and after making some different category gig I get only few buyer requests(15–20) in my buyer request option. And most of them are Seller who Post " I will give you that service. I have some skills." That’s why I get only 5 or 6 buyer request. Most of them not in my category.
So pathetic


The same happens to me every time I open buyer’s requests. But a few minutes ago I stumbled upon a request from someone who has 200 addresses from different places and wants someone to provide the owner’s names and telephone numbers. I mean, is this even legal? It’s private information!


Some sellers intentionally post their services into Buyer Request section to get job. They are very crazy about job but I think this is harmful for them, by this way they did not get any result. Its just like scam.


I have seen several Buyer Requests that have made me wonder if it is even legal. Moreover, yet according to @malikumer13503 he tried to post a seller offer under Buyer Requests, and he got denied. I wonder what the criteria are for making a buyer request?


A potential reason could be that people might see how other sellers are selling their services through it, which could make them believe it’s okay to post such things?

Never done it myself, but that was my original impression when I saw that type of thing in the buyers requests section.


Yes @vickiespencer i am also wondering it and get confused all the time …

Once i was thinking that they were using may b spam filter of words when they got words like showing services. … bla bla
So they denied but no man its not exactly like that


Yeah. That’s right there should be a report button


They can’t get job in this way they only will get bids from other seller’s same like them and the funny thing is that they can’t click on the bids as those bids are custom offers from Seller’s :joy:


its really annoying and fiverr need to do something about it but of course they wont…