Why sellers promote their gigs through "Buyer Requests"


I think this category is for Buyers. Why some people post their advertisement through “Buyer Requests”? I have seen many requests which submitted by sellers.


They are usually new sellers looking for their first order. But I don’t think it works for them because buyers don’t send custom offers.


It’s def. annoying but as mentioned above, it’s just their way of hopefully getting noticed. Well, they’re getting noticed alright… but only as a nuisance.

What REALLY annoys me is when they message me personally, asking for work. Here I am thinking wow… This could lead to more work… nope, it’s them soliciting for work. I hit the report button and move on. Still aggravating.

And, one major reason it aggravates me is that we work for just $4… why would I hire someone to do a 500-word article to edit it, when I’d actually LOSE on the deal? Seems stupid to me!


I’ve noticed it’s becoming more common too. Lately I’ve seen several in the writing section.


It’s extremely annoying. It can’t be working for them though because it makes them come off as desperate for sales and no buyer wants that.


I think its a good platform to promote your Gigs


yes, I have seen that too. It’s annoying sometimes. and I don’t think buyers are seeing it there… because it says clearly as “Buyer Requests” which means it’s normally seeing by sellers. :slight_smile:


So what is the best way to attract the buyers ?


Reply to @videosmaker24: What I Think is those are “Buyer’s Request” for the sellers to respond. Which means they find their “Sellers” from there, or it is supposed to be that way, but it does not work ! I Am fed up of sending offers. Need a Solution !


Reply to @raheelkamran: You might consider changing the word “cororate” to “corporate” in your gig titles :slight_smile:


I agree that is pretty annoying.

I’m also looking for a new buyers on a daily basis in buyer request section and never posted anything, even I didn’t had any orders in the past two weeks, or in the period when I was struggling to reach level 2.

Fiverr must make some new “seller request” selection if these sellers want to offer their gigs and leave the rest of us to search for a buyers in more effective way.

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That is very annoying!

Why does fiverr editors allow this?


Thats why they have the Fiverr gigs section in this forum for them to advertise or though social media!


interesting thing is that new seller promote their gig in buyer request and they are getting submissions. people send them offers. why is this? :slight_smile:


ahhh its annoys me crazy. should be punishment for it :wink:


I don’t, and frankly, I find that behavior very annoying. They should get account warnings when they do that.

I also missed the old former. Before reading the buyer’s request was fast, now every request has two or three sentences. Come on, buyers, if you need a logo, say you need a logo, you don’t need to tell the whole story.

emeraldawnn said: it's just their way of hopefully getting noticed. Well, they're getting noticed alright... but only as a nuisance.

When I see a user advertising themselves or their Gig in the Buyer's Request section I cringe. It's like a personalize advertisement that translates into: "I do not follow directions nor will I do things correctly. All I care about it getting me and my sales."

fastcopywriter said: They should get account warnings when they do that.

I 100% agree with you. It's clearly misuse and abuse of the feature. If it's continual, people should get warnings on their account. Fiverr needs to be used in the proper way, it makes the community better for everyone.

I thought I read somewhere that Fiverr's team reviewed them before they posted, but a small portion of the requests now consists of a) work being advertised by Sellers b) buyers requesting things are that a violation of third-parties Terms of Service. Plus, what's scary is the number of offers that are shown. You can report them, that takes so much time to and there are so many. There needs to be a "flag" button so users report them accordingly.

fastcopywriter said: Come on, buyers, if you need a logo, say you need a logo, you don't need to tell the whole story.

I'll have to (politely) disagree on this, I can understand a Buyer's reasoning in proving a lot detail in their request. It simply eliminates a lot of people, thus saving themselves a lot of time. For example requesting: "I need some ghostwriting for an erotic novel. Must be a native English speaker... etc." Not everyone will be okay with working on such material or have the skills in the specific area to do so. I could only image the type of offers that Buyers get in that are unrelated or not specific to their request.

I feel it would similar experience when Sellers get messages or orders from Buyers asking for what they don't advertise. It's likely some Sellers just submit offers because they are only focused on getting a sale verses what the Buyer actually needs, so as a result they've had to be more detailed. However, I do agree there is definitely some much needed improvement to the section overall!


Reply to @thepromogirl:

thepromogirl said: I can understand a Buyer's reasoning in proving a lot detail in their request.

You have a point, and I realize not everyone knows how to get to the point quickly as I do. Is just that the old buyer request section was so much faster to read and bid. Now I'm forced to actually write something when I bid, and I no longer see how many of my bids became orders, which is very frustrating.

I guess change is part of life, some changes have been great. I love the quick response feature for example, I use it every time I deliver something. I do try to personalize it, "Hi Bill" sounds better than "Hi!"


I’m finding buyer’s requests more and more clogged with gig promotions. Surely we need to stop this as it’s not the correct forum for them - it wastes our time and many are starting to look like buyer requests, prompting us to respond for no reason.


I think part of it could be a language barrier issue. “Buyer Requests” could be taken as “Requests for Buyers.” Perhaps changing the name of the section to something less ambiguous will help non-native English speakers better understand.