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Why sellers requests in buyer request area?


There are some sellers’ requests describing their services are also in buyer request area. Why is that? Is this legal. That is confusing.


Because they are idiots.
It is not allowed by Fiverr.


Yep I also think so.


It’s a wrap! Let’s all go home to our loved ones now.


It´s not actually illegal though. :wink: At least I don´t think it´s written down in any laws, but it certainly is written down in the fiverr pages and should not be done.


Can’t we just close down posts that are asked every week with a link to first one?


Because they are desperate for orders…
If you are doing good job, you will rarely visit the buyer request area as a seller…


Or merge them all into one, that might be fun…


why they do it…why fiverr staff not get action…im a seller but its difficult to choose buyer request :confused:


[quote=“eoinfinnegan, post:2, topic:106431, full:true”]
Because they are idiots.
It is not allowed by Fiverr.


why fiverr staff not get action to this


Well I’m sure they do, it’s just unfortunately very common that it exceeds the amount of resources they spend on the buyer requests section.

It’s a known issue and I’m sure they are working on a real solution. It may take some time but as they say, the longer we wait the better the solution can be :wink:


why they Accept Fake Request??