Why sellers send buyer requests? Please clear to me respected seniors & community?


Respected seniors & Fiverr community,

I am joining on Fiverr just 2 days ago and I have a very bad experience yesterday.
please kindly tell me why new sellers or 1st level sellers send buyers requests :rage:


No idea, but you could ask the sellers who are posting? :wink:

Don’t let it spoil your experience - just ignore the posts which are obviously from sellers. :slightly_smiling_face:


@offlinehelpers I think it’s a good idea to ignore :wink:
but why sellers send the buyer requests and why Fiverr team accepts those requests.



Here’s another question: why do people create another thread on the topic that’s been discussed over and over and over again, instead of using the Search feature and adding to one of the existing threads? :slightly_smiling_face:


I joined 2 days earlier and yesterday I got to see all of this, so I questioned the Seniors.thats all :blush:


When you come to the Forum with questions, see if you can find the answer first by using the :mag: glass at the top right-hand corner of the page to see if the question has been asked and answered before.
Here is a link to research I did on this subject read it if you want to laugh!



never give up :relaxed::relaxed:


At first I was highly discouraged, like you right now. I Googled about whether it was a bad idea to post on the buyers’ request page. I was like: “if others are doing this and getting away with it, why shouldn’t I?”

But fortunately I discovered early enough that the Fiverr team moderates the Buyers’ request page, and remove such fraudulent ads. And I hear the penalty is pretty harsh.

So I advise that you refrain from posting on tis page unless you are a buyer. Do what is right and you’ll never be found wanting by the Fiverr system…


Exactly, Great advice!


And that’s extremely biased of you to insist that some people aren’t allowed to help you. :wink: