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Why sellers send message to a seller just to check

Hi guys,
Some hours ago, two of sellers knocked me just to check me out that how I responded their questions. I know that they only did it just for making a fun. Both of them asked me for demo some of email list by their targeted area. I provided them their list and requested them not to knock me just for making a fun.

Why they do it? Is their any negative effect on my profile if they complain it to CS?


If you’re sure that sellers are knocking you just to make some fun, report them using ‘:golf:’ button and contact CS, tell them that some people are spamming in your inbox!


Yeah. They did it just for fun. I sent their demo I forbade them to do it. Then one of them thanked me for the suggestion and the other one was offline.
Thanks for you advice @n4y33m

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If you don’t give your first reply soon, it would affect your Response Rate. If they send you messages at your odd hours, it might be to hit your response rate.

By knocking you mean…

I don’t understand what ‘knocked’ is. Did they send you a message or make an order? Why do you think they did it for fun and not seriously? If they only sent a message, why did you send them a free demo? If they placed an order and payed for your services, why would you tell them not to order from you again?

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Why would you assume they are doing it for fun? Most buyers don’t want to waste time. I get a lot of people who message me to ask a question and if it’s a very simple question, I imagine they are making sure I can really communicate in a language they understand.

If I were to consider ordering from a seller with less than 10 reviews, I would probably contact them first to make sure I’m not going to get an unresponsive seller. If the seller was new with no examples and few gig images to show me what they do, I might ask if they have a portfolio. This is not uncommon in the business world. If you are a well established seller with over a thousand reviews, lots of gig samples, and recent deliveries in the same day or so, I can understand not wanting too many messages. If that doesn’t apply to you, though, messages can turn into sales at any time.

This isn’t meant to sound harsh, but it’s just the way freelancing sometimes works. No messages and no orders means no money, so answering a few silly questions shouldn’t be a big issue at that stage.

Edit: Sorry, I forgot to address this -[quote=“anjum_saba, post:1, topic:123798”]
I provided them their list and requested them not to knock me just for making a fun.

Why they do it? Is their any negative effect on my profile if they complain it to CS?

If you worded your response in a way that the potential buyer considered abusive and they report you, then Customer Support may give you a warning. If you have no clear proof that someone is contacting you for fun, I wouldn’t use that wording, and I wouldn’t use the slang phrase “knock me” in professional communication.


“By knocking” means messaging me on Fiverr. :slight_smile:

I am not telling them not to order. I just requested them not to make fun. Because I viewed their profile, they new in Fiverr. I asked them if they really want to work with me, than place order. Simple.
And “knocked” means They Messaged me.

Most people understand the word “knock” to mean a strike or a sudden blow.

I am sorry for using such a confusing word “knocked”. I wanted to say " they gave me a message.". I checked their profile, they are new in Fiverr, have also some gig and no previous work experience. So I assume that they are a seller and just check me out for conversation.Though I am also new in Fiverr, when they asked for a demo I provided them. And simply asked them if they really worked with me then place an order. and request them not to make fun.
@fonthaunt am I doing wrong?

I wouldn’t call it wrong, but it could be a risky way to assume. For example, I am a seller, yet I buy a LOT of gigs. I run multiple small businesses and I buy gigs for several uses. If I were to send a message to a new seller who had little sample work, and I asked if they had a portfolio, it would be genuine. I could see a seller with less understanding of English who might say “demo” when they mean portfolio or a selection of work samples.

If you assume they are making fun, you could lose a real order. If they think you have been rude to them, they might click the report button. I just suggest taking inquiries seriously unless you are entirely sure that it’s not. If someone writes you with spam or is abusive, you can be the one to answer “No thank you” and click report. Otherwise, just be polite and professional to everyone. Over time when you have had more practice, you will be able to develop some canned responses that you can use in just a second to respond to questions that are asked often. :slight_smile:


just report them if they’re abusin u

What is wrong with messaging you?

Dear @miroslavglavic few minutes ago both of them tell me they just make fun with me. I wouldn’t tell that no one can message me. But I just want to tell that if some one not interested to buy my gigs, just not act like that. I hope you don’t get me wrong :slight_smile:Thanks all of you for your suggestions

how are they making fun of you?