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Why sending any link inside chat with buyer is forbiden?

Today a new Buyer left me a message for ordering one of my gigs , But when I wanted to answered him I found that the Fiverr platform cut the communication and now I can see only the message which says that “… can no longer be contacted.”,
and the reason is He sent me a Telegram link of a bot just for showing me a sample of what he asked for !!
Now I can not make any communication with him and so I may lost one of my potential customer and this is the second time which I have lost a buyer for this reason and I’m sure This is not the end !
What is the solution for this problem ? How a buyer and seller can send each other an usual link just for clarifying their orders without violating the Fiverr rules ?

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Chances are that it was spam, and they were just trying to get traffic. It’s possible that they sent the same message en-mass to other accounts.


So please tell us what the best way is for sending the buyer/seller a secure link, if we need to clarify our communication . For example in this , my client sent me a link to a Telegram bot for showing me an example of his request .

I send links from time to time, never had any trouble. My buyers also send me links from time to time, there’s only trouble when the link is suspicious.

Wouldn’t that link allow communication outside of Fiverr?

No its just a Telegram Bot Link .