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Why should I add a PDF file?


Can anyone tell me why adding a pdf file is good for your gig?

Thank you for your time.

Pastor Dre


Dear Pastor Dre:

A pdf file might not be relevant to a gig focused on audio.

It’s more useful for a writer who wants to show samples of their writing, or for an artist who wants more than 3 slots for their art samples.

For my “design stuff” gig, the 2 pdfs I’ve shared let the Buyers see lots of different Blender filters. That being said, no Buyer has yet said to me, "Hey, I like the look of that filter from your PDF, so please apply that to this image…"

However, YOU could use your PDFs to explain jargon from your field.

That way, when your Buyers want to make their order “on fleek” they can buy from you with confidence because you’ve helpfully explained what that is via your PDFs.

Your mileage may vary,


I’m not sure buyers read them but you can use them for:

  • glossaries
  • definitions
  • better gig descriptions that don’t fit in the word count for descriptions
  • your personal terms of service or guarantee
  • relevant details from your CV
  • more examples of your work if you don’t link to a portfolio
  • upselling your other gigs


@capitalquality I agree with you on this ‘‘I’m not sure buyers read them’’. From my experience, 90% of my buyers don’t even read the entire description of my gigs! :smile:


I agree: Most don’t read the FAQs. That said, I suspect a quality PDF would reflect well on the seller when someone is asking questions, and you can say “A detailed answer for that is in my PDF…”

I have to think a great PDF shows a more mature seller (I don’t have them), because it shows you took the time to document issues or showcase something about your gigs.

While 90% don’t read them, the question is will it showcase an above average attention to detail and cause the higher end buyers to take you more seriously.

(I’m considering what would make sense, how to present it, and where I could use it for the questions that get asked regularly. I’ve already maxed out my FAQs.)


I agree with the fact that it can be used as you said, to provide the answers to any question a buyer might have, but still, how many of them would prefer reading or going through a document instead of simply demanding a quick answer in your inbox? I think it can be useful for sellers who are always booked with sales and have little time to entertain conversations with possible clients, so they would find a detailed pdf a helpful tool. But again, it is just my opinion. :blush:


All good by me. I am considering creating some YouTube clips with answers, because some buyers will watch but won’t read. (I know another VO artist who does that successfully.)

I totally agree that most buyers would rather have an easy answer by posting a question. When they ask me to send them samples, I have a ‘Quick Response’ saved that has a link to my SoundCloud samples. (Just one example, I have Quick Responses for the most popular questions.)

‘Quick Responses’ can reduce the load of answering messages…

Like you I’m always looking at ways to reduce the time burn from answering questions where the buyer could easily get that info from my gig. It’s a never ending refinement process and like some others, I haven’t figured out if PDFs could make a positive difference for my category.