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Why should i order a new card when when i have already one?


i there i was linnking my payonner Card with fiverr so i click on Fiverr revenue card to link It. After that i got mail from fiverr "
“Confirm your Fiverr Payoneer card information”
I click on it and then new windows open where they ask me to register or login
Since i have already payooner account with card so i click on login
and then they ask me to ORDER A CARD
why would i order another when i have already one ? it is same happening with bank account i want to link with my payoner bank and card

here’s what i am getting


Sorry for double post


Maybe CS can help you out?


I did and they ask me to contact payoner CS i don’t think its Payoner CS matter they just issued me a card and i want to link that


Since you are talking about an issue with a Payoneer card, it would be a Payoneer issue. Fiverr just partners with Payoneer but they don’t handle tech support for Payoneer.


Yes ,You have Live chat with Payoneer ,I suggest You Pnone tham because you can get real service than…Thanks Dud


Payoneer changed their bank or something (They also suggest to spend the money from the old card befor the date they tell you because it could probably dissappear or maybe not but they also don’t know it and don’t advise to experiment). You might have got a mail on your email from Payoneer where they say it and they also send you a new card by themselves. So check your email, probably that’s it.

Here’s also the message that I’ve got: " Your existing card balance is currently available and you can use your card to access your funds. Any pending and future payments will be loaded onto your new card. Your existing card will remain active until your new card is activated. When you receive your new card and activate it, any remaining balance on your old card will carry over to the new one. "
Later when I got the new card I activated it and so as it was said I was waiting for the money to carry over from the old card to the new one, but it didn’t happen. I asked support and they told me that it will not happen (somehow) and I have to spent the money on the old card before the 30’th of June and that they don’t know what will happen to the money after the date.


Sorry to hear that and yes it’s Payoneer problem so it can only be fixed by Payoneer CS. The good way is to use live chat instead of emails or phone calls. Phone call is good if you have good conversation skill.
You can also do one more thing. It’s a long short but maybe it will give you some information that you can use.
Okay so use your email search bar. Type payoneer and search through all emails specially the one you didn’t read. If you find any email that has information that your card is blocked or should be renew for some reason etc.
Hope this helps.