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Why Should I

I just had an interesting message come through. I had a Fiverr seller messaging me asking for help in promoting her gig through my gig description and even offered to pay me for it.

This was the message: "Hello Emeraldawnn. I am just new on fiverr. I am on the niche article rewriting. I strongly believe that you can help me out by recommending my gig in your description area to at least gain some exposure. I am willing to pay some little amount for it, $5. I know that sounds funny to you but i know you can help me out.

Thanks Emeraldawnn as i look forward to your positive reply."

I wrote back that even if I wanted to do that… I had no idea how she wrote. How can I promote a gig I know nothing about to MY potential buyers? I gave her advice on how she could better her own exposure and to get a photo that showcased her, not a stock photo.

I also told her that she was spamming and it could be flagged by Fiverr.

In reality, what I wanted to say was: Why would I promote a gig I know nothing about and take food off my kids’ table and medical bills I’ll need to pay for soon??!

Don’t get me wrong. I"m all for competition but doing it in my gig description is not the way I plan on doing it. And, for someone I know nothing about. If she turns out crap, it’s back on me… No thank you! I have a reputation to maintain. When I am overloaded with work, I do make suggestions for Fiverrs my buyers can consider. But, I absolutely don’t feel comfortable promoting a gig I know nothing about…

What would ya’ll have done?

The exact same thing. I had a seller, maybe the same one, message me asking me to send her the instructions on one of my open orders, she’d do the work for free, and then send it back so I could deliver it to the buyer. If the buyer liked it, I’d then tell the buyer which seller actually did the work so she would get exposure.

Yeah…no. Basically, I take all the risk and she gets to skim my business. And same as you–I don’t trust other people with my buyers. I get wanting to get a boost from an established seller–there’s nothing wrong with that. If someone messages me and asks that I send “slush” their way, no problem. I get a lot of requests that I wish I could do, but my turnaround time is just too lengthy or I’m just not smart enough to write about a topic. I’m happy to shuttle those buyers to another seller with more brains and shorter turnaround times.

Asking someone to actively promote you, however, when you’re in the same niche and doing essentially the same thing…that’s just silly.

Just politely say…Welcome to Fiverr. I am not able to add you to my gigs, but I wish you good luck in getting started. Here is a link to the forum section on tips for new buyers xxxxxxx.

I would not even write back about how you do not know how she writes, etc., etc., etc…

I also think it could be two other things, a set up to some scam yet to unfold, and/or I think some people with language barriers who are new to fiverr and selling on the internet in general, really have no concept of how anything works.