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Why should people consider “Freelancing” as a full time job?

Freelancing has become very popular among the young generation in the past 4-5 years. The word “Job” has lost it’s so called definition. If we analyze the last 10 years job trending, one thing is fully clear. People are continuously losing their interest in typical job definition. But what are the reasons for that? Why most of the people are becoming interested in freelancing? Well, in this issue, I have a point of view. It can be wrong in your perspective. I’m just sharing my thought. So please take it lightly, if you don’t agree with that.

Personal freedom :
The major advantage of freelancing is it has personal freedom. In freelancing, a person has the rights to choose his/her workplace, working category & working hour also. In a word, a person has the full freedom in his/her work. In traditional job, this freedom is not seen properly. Besides, the pandemic situation has also influenced on traditional job sector. So I think it’s quite difficult to do traditional job with full freedom.

New Possibility :
In modern economic world, freelancing has created new dimension in job sector. When the whole world economic system was suffering for the corona virus pandemic, at that time freelancing was one of the lucky sector which didn’t face severe loss like others. It is supposed that, the whole world economic system will be more dependent on freelancing sectors in the upcoming days. Because it quite easy to get a work done by a freelancer in short time.

So, it’s fully my thought. Let me know your thought about this matter. Thank you.


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Thank you for sharing the link.