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Why should you buy your friends gig?

I am a newbie . but what i find is buying is good for your seo on fiverr. when i have only 12 dollar in my fiverr account .I buy my friends gig so that his seo is going up . now he also buying my gig for his work . It is quiet helpful for fiverr business.

Admin Note: You appear to be talking about multiple purchases and purchases between sellers which means your suggestion would probably be considered a violation of the Terms of Service. When you buy gigs from each other it becomes a review exchange which is a definite violation. Given that, it cannot be considered a Tip for Sellers and will be moved to Conversations.

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This is manipulating the reviews and is not allowed.

For new seller this is good way to promote your gig for new customers and selling :slight_smile:

Admin Note: Generally speaking, sellers who know each other buying from each other repeatedly is not a good way to promote a gig.

Oh God.

The smell of desperado.


“Buy my gig and I’ll buy yours” will get everyone involved banned from Fiverr.

you can give your friend a bad review when the task is not properly done

So lets waste some money ( about 25%) and get banned for not following the fiverr’s TOS.
Smart strategy!

when you need a job done and your friend is good at this . why you shouldnt
buy from him . I have a good relationship with all my seller . I will buy them again. whats the problem with that .

I think the OP is clarifying here that if you need a certain task performed anyway, he thinks it’s a good idea to support a business a friend of yours runs. Bear in mind that the platform being used is making its cut just as it would otherwise.

If it’s akin to eating at a restaurant one’s friend owns whilst paying them what anyone else would, is there an ethical issue with that?

you are right

Interesting well i have a new gig and still havent got a sale yet im confused about how this all works

I really cant understand what you want to say. So do whatever you want to… just follow the TOS

I await the next post in this saga: “why I have been banned and how I get my money? HELLP ME!”

wow!!! this hack is actually happening. so not allowed.

Admin Note: The issue being discussed has nothing to do with hacking.

Hi, stop trying to make it sound ok.

Stop trying to excuse the fact that you want to have two people, or two accounts of your own, that buy each other’s gigs. It’s not honest, it’s against terms of service, and can get you banned from fiverr.

If you have a good service you do not need to do this.

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Well i won’t do that. Just offer something unique and you will start getting sales. If you will be selling the same service which hundreds of other sellers are already selling then you won’t make any sales, thats simple.

I guess this system will turn the original purpose of Fiverr upside down. Its a community where anonymous buyers comes to get his project done by sellers, or vice-versa. Its a bad idea to perform the role of Buyer/seller among each other, leads to nowhere.