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Why show this messege?


When I reply to answer a buyer it shows me in the red color of this blow messages.
"Reminder: Never accept or ask for direct payments. Doing so may get your account restricted"
Why show this messages in the blow of the message box?

I’m so afraid Because my buyer is not satisfied with my work. but I’m still hard working to fix that. He wants to money back. I have 4 revision to fix that. Have any problem for this?


you’ve used a word in your message to him that triggered that response.


Donot use the words like Pay, Money, Email etc
( on a lighter note, bad news for you if you are a papaya fan because you cannot use the word " papaya" as well.)


Unfortunately, I have used the word money.
have anything wrong?
Please Help me.


Yeah you can not use that word… Use “Funds” instead of it. I cannot think of any other substitute for it atm.


he wants to refund now. what can do for?


If you would like to refund an order you can do so via the resolve now feature on the top right of the order page.


what reason can I choose to refund?


Its Fiverr Terms . You should Read Fiverr Rules and terms again


can I choose Due to personal/technical reasons, I cannot complete the work?


yes, You can choose this reason


Thanks for co-operating me.