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Why small business owners should select fiverr [ARCHIVED]


When we consider about small business most of them are carried by small group of people or a single business owner. Then it is really important to outsource some of the services of the business. When we consider about large business firms they have separate sections for each and every business activity and large staff to handle all these activities.

  1. Outsourcing

    first thing is that for small business there are no very large staff. No separate people to do marketing, graphic designing, video promotions, promotion campaigns etc. Owner of the company may not have the complete knowledge regarding graphic designing, marketing video promotion like activities. Then it is really cheap and effective to outsource such kind of activities and fiverr is a excellent place for that.

  2. Number of Sellers

    Here in fiverr you will able to find number of sellers offering the same service. Then buyers can select most appropriate service among them. Sometimes this works better than dealing with single staff member all the time. Once you work with one seller if you are not satisfied you can move to another seller who is providing the same service

  3. Cheap

    All most all of the services offers in fiverr are simply 5$. 5$ is some amount of money you can use by taking the risk. I can guarantee that you will not put that 5$ in to a risk on fiverr since fiverr’s buyer protection rules are strictly followed by the system. You can discuss with the seller and ask for a refund when you are not satisfied with the service.

  4. Rating system

    since fiverr allows buyers to rate sellers buyer can tell others about their experience with the seller using this feedback system. Then buyers can get and idea about the work carried out by the seller. Sellers also do not want to get bad reviews so they try their best to do the job as promised

  5. Portfolio

    Since sellers have their previous real work samples and some gig samples included in gig image and gig video then buyers will able to get an idea about the work he/she is going to deliver after you place the order. Then it is easy to find most matching and most suitable gig for you

    Important: Most of the fiverr sellers offer something more worth than money you pay. as an example most sellers including me provides multiple versions just for 5$ where you need to pay at least 20$ Even for 1 version in other sites.

    So for small business owners fiverr is the best place for you to make your small services get done


Those are great reasons, here’s a few of mine.

  1. Speed. There are sellers who do it in 3-days, others who do it in 24-hours.

  2. Peace of mind with an easy refund policy.

  3. Frees your employees to do other things.

  4. Experimentation. Maybe your employees are afraid of being too original, or suggesting certain types of ideas they think you’ll hate. On Fiverr, you’ll get the truth because nobody fears you for $5 or even for $100.


Agreed - the great thing about Fiverr is the size of the talent pool. Of course, you have to be selective and check the ratings of the sellers etc. but if you communicate your needs in enough detail then you will most often get a positive result.

My favourite buyers are the ones who tell me exactly what they want but still allow enough flexibility for me to put my own creativity to good use.

I have not had a disgruntled buyer yet and I think there are many sellers like that out there. You could not get these types of services anywhere else for the same low risk price.

Great article!


@fastcopywriter and @jasonmills Thank you for your comments.

Yes agreed with you…

Another thing is here are people from all around the world. It is another nice thing because they will offer their own services and some countries labour is too cheap and they offer more services in low price


Reply to @zimron89: True, I have discovered a lot of interesting countries through Fiverr, I’ve been hired from people in Africa, Fiji, strange islands I knew little about, Saudi Arabia, almost all of Europe, Russia, Iceland, and America of course, my #1 moneymaker.


I have used fiverr many times for my small Man and Van London Business and it has helped me a lot in my website.

Thank you Fiverr


@fastcopywriter Hope you will find my country too through fiverr in future :slight_smile:

@alexnoone Hope you will work with fiverr in future and I wish all the best for all your business


Reply to @zimron89: What is your country? Israel?


Reply to @fastcopywriter: I am from Sri Lanka :slight_smile:


Reply to @nilantha1110:

Sure most business owners spend 20$-100$ for something which they can get for 5$


Another main reason is most of the sellers including me offer discounts for multiple orders…


Great analysis of the pros of Fiverr for Small and Medium Enterprises!

For me I think the greatest draw is that for just $5, you can get a sense of the seller’s competency. If you are impressed, then there are gig extras which would allow for a larger scope of work. Online purchases are generally perceived as more risky, but on Fiverr, there really isn’t much risk because of the price.

Add to that the rating system, not to mention Fiverr’s customer support, and it really makes for one of the most effective e-commerce platforms on the web!


Reply to @suenwl: Thank You for your comment. Of course I missed the Customer support which is really important. Thank You for adding that.


Reply to @zimron89: I’ve actually hired people from Sri Lanka on Fiverr, there was a civil war in your country for a while, that’s all I know about it. It’s also next to India.


There is no any Civil war now …Our country won it in 2008 and yes still it is next to India as a separate Island and visit our country if you have any chance there are many beautiful Places :smiley:


Well, thanks for the info. Sri Lanka is famous for her spices, right? I think cinnamon comes from there.


Thanks for the info…totally agreed!


Thank you very much fiverr.
Also you are right.