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Why so few websites' forums are like the Fiver's one?


I have to say that I am blown away by the functionalities this forum offers - tier levels, stats on views, likes, and replies in a clearly visible manner, a line showing what new posts have been added since the last visit, avatars of individuals replying visible…those are ALL great ideas and I wonder why there are so few forums like this? It is more than enjoyable to use to say at least! :slight_smile:


This forum is based on the Discourse platform and they offer some wonderful forum features. Discourse can be expensive when it has all the featured added and it’s well-hosted, so perhaps some sites don’t need all the extra goodies. They are pretty cool, though, aren’t they? Fiverr used to run the forum on a plain plugin and it was difficult to manage, so now we are lucky to have Discourse. Glad you like it and welcome!


Yeah, I am more than satisfied with the way the forum is managed and with the options it offers :slight_smile: It is a shame that I discovered it only now, after being a Fiverr user for over a year :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info, no I know what Discourse is! :smiley: