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Why so frequent pending review?

Every time I make a change to my gig, it is locked up for a pending review. It’s really irritating and I might lose potential customers. So why should we need so frequent pending review? And how long does it take to review a gig?

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So no one bothered to answer my question?!

Anyway, I have googled it and got a plausible explanation.

Firstly, I have changed my gig title which is a bit long. Secondly, I used the word ‘money’ in my gig description like- “100% money back guarantee” .

So these two things could have triggered the pending review process.

I hope I will get back my gig soon. :slight_smile: Then I will make some changes to make it work smoothly.

Reply to @technoaholic: The forum is NOT a substitute for customer support. We do not have any insight into your gig or why it is being denied. Maybe it was for the reasons you stated. Maybe not. No one here knows the exact answer to your question nor is it polite to suggest that we did not “bother” to answer it. Perhaps those who can offer you some advice did not read your post.

So this is not the answer to my questions?

Does anyone care to give a kind answer?

I know what you mean man… They keep rejecting my gig intro video and wont tell me why. Even fiverr support cant give me a straight answer. They simply wont contact the person in charge of rejecting videos or approving them for gig intros and ask the guy what his problem is. Its been 30+ hours now I cant get 5 different version of this video on my gig intro…

one of the replies I got directly from him was

"put the URL in the gig requirements"


Reply to @cheezees: Sorry, I was impatient for a moment for not getting answers. People usually are helpful here and do care for others.

But the reason my gig is being reviewed every time I make changes to it may be because they are doubting it. Maybe the system thinks I am violating Fiverr’s TOS.

The problem started after I had changed my gig title and a keyword. My gig title sounds like - " I will format your eBook for Smashwords Premium Catalog". Probably the system doesn’t like the word premium. Or they may be thinking that I am making too many changes to my gig. In essence, they may be became suspicious of me.

You can take a look at my gig now. It is live now. Maybe you could figure out a reason. :slight_smile:

Reply to @easy_button: yeah, I also faced the same problem actually. My gig video thumbnail was not fitting into the allotted space. So I contacted customer support. They said I should reduce the frame size. I did so and re-uploaded the video. But this time they choose an awkward thumbnail which is confusing. The buyer won’t be able to read the information on the thumbnail because it is mixed and jumbled. So I contacted CS again. This time they said, “Your thumbnail has been replaced”.

But unfortunately still now it is exactly the same as before. I have informed the CS again. But still I am not getting any answer.

I have uploaded the same video twice. But every time similar effect and same thumbnail. :frowning:

Reply to @technoaholic: you need to chill. Want a cookie?