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Why some buyer do not leave reviews or nor respond after delivery?


Hi, it happened to me a few times: i deliver the work, but the buyer never respond to me, and doesn’t leave reviews!!! why? are they lazy? they don’t say anything, either like or not the work. They just get the product, and no respond, no review. I hate when buyers do that. Can fiverr change the system a bit? i mean, i want that: buyers only see the work, but can download only if they leave feedback. or something.

Plz Help


They’re not being too lazy. Fiverr made it like almost a huge 2-3 page long survey to review. Most people doesn’t have time to fill all that information out. And another thing is that many of the clients that we see on facebook are not really professional type. And many of them are doing arbitrage kind of business. So they’re not that passionate about a product or service to review it. Atleast, that’s what I think.


It literally takes 3 Seconds to review.


I feel you buddy. I have about 41 Orders that are not reviewed. It makes me so mad. They are always responsive when they want revisions or changes. but when it comes to review. They just Disappear…


70% of my orders are reviewed: I suppose people have other things to do and don’t realize how important a good review is for the seller. Also, Fiverr makes it a living hell to accept an order, with a long survey that actually doesn’t produce any satisfaction to the buyer.


I think this happens to everyone.

Currently, 30 percent of buyers have not reviewed their orders with me. Most of the people that do this are always very active during the project. They will ask for gazillions of revisions and as soon as they get the right version, they disappear.

I will like you to take it as a blessing in disguise.

I had a client that ordered from me about 3 months ago and he had revisions. As soon as it was done he disappeared.
He came back recently and ordered a few videos. And he left a review for one of them (4.4 stars). I was curious to know why he did (since he had multiple orders and leaving 4.4 will hurt big time, plus 99% of my orders are 5 stars)

He said the video was perfect and everything was nice, but he doesn’t ever give 100% for anything no matter how good.

That was really worrying for me. So will you prefer 4 stars or no review?


No review, of course, until Fiverr starts penalizing us for no reviews as well. Just give them some time.


What if people leave you 4 or 3 star reviews thinking it’s a good review?

:star: :star: :star:
Good work

:star: :star: :star:
Better than expected

Those are actual reviews left by buyers. Look at some profiles of their sellers. Since 3 and 4 star is considered good reviews, 5r support will not remove it and it’s against Tos to ask buyer to change it.

Not getting review can be a blessing.


yeah, but all my work is perfect %100 , the buyers should be satisfied, because i do exactly what they want and how they want, its impossible to get a 4-3 stars review in my case.


A lot of people who got 4-3 stars (or even a 1 star review) would say exactly the same thing.


Do you fill out the survey on the bottom of the receipt every time you buy Starbucks, go to Wal-Mart, Target, Grocery store? Nearly every business wants you to write a positive review, or do a survey. Do you take time to do every one? Probably not, probably because you are busy. That’s probably why not everyone does yours.


To discover that they just left a positive feedback for a crap delivery?


I have returning buyers who never leave a review. I don’t bother, but I think Fiverr should go back to the good old thumbs up and down voting for a delivery. The attention span of most people is too short in order to study the reviews anyway. The only thing they like to see is if there are way more people happy with the seller than not.

82% leave a review.


If they do not leave a review it might be that they are not happy with what they got but don’t want to leave a bad review.


News to me. I filled out 3 pages, filled with 3 multiple choice questions and 1 text box. Hardly time consuming


It seems the 70/30 split is the norm. I too have around 70% (74% to be exact) of gigs reviewed…thats over 300 buyers that didn’t review.
Nothing I can do about it…moving on.