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Why some buyers are always online?



I’ve wondered why some buyers seem to be always online :smiley: Do they have a browser open, or how is it possible for a couple of my clients to be online 24 hours a day? However, they don’t usually respond to messages right away, even though they are online.

This is not a problem for me, just a fun thing. Do you have a similar experience on this?


Fiverr is a 24/7 job for me lol


@startforte I noticed that too and can’t figure it out. I think it is due to them having their phone on all the time and the app stays on unless you turn it off but that’s just a guess.

As to why they don’t answer it may be they just ignore the notices from the app or stop them.

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I use Fiverr on my phone, tablet, and computer. Once I forgot to sign out on my tablet, so I was online for a week. I was getting frustrated because even though I was signed out on my phone and computer, I continued to get dings in the middle of the night and have noticed that I had messages or orders. Finally, I saw I had not signed out on my tablet. Once I signed out of Fiverr there, I no longer get messages in the middle of the night.

My being on line 24/7 was in error, but some people must be leaving their browser open. :ethiopia:

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Leaving the browser open shouldn’t make it seem like you are always online as it should time out after a while (15 mins?). Though some people may have an add-on that auto-refreshes the browser that is likely against the rules to use or at least Fiverr wouldn’t want it used.

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You are right . I also think that … They are using app and their data is on all time.


I had the impression that the app never times out?


I leave the app open on my phone all of the time. I’ve gotten contact from people on the other side of the globe while I’m asleep and I just check every morning and respond as soon as I see a message.


I do not use an auto refresh app. Fiverr sees users as Robots when they do.

All I know is that as soon as I signed out on my iPad I stopped getting notices. :thinking:


No idea. I have a client currently who is marked as “online” almost all the time, but he gets back to my messages only every few days.

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this issue is happening to me


This because of Fiverr App. It always shows online if you are in the one network. Thank you