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Why some buyers are just bad?


hi, i just don;t get it, why some buyers are not friendly, why some are angry? and why some of them never respond to messages?? theese buyers stress me,


There are all kinds of people and we deal with people from all over the world.

There are mostly wonderful buyers but some are not nice. It’s just the way it is.


Sorry you’ve had a bad experience. Definitely the exception. For the most part, Fiverr buyers are awesome.


Like Miss Crystal said, it’s just the way it is. the way of the world, in any business.

I’ve spoken to doctors and nurses telling me that they have patients who are absolutely the nicest people on the planet, and on the other hand some patients are from hell.
I’m a teacher BTW, and the same thing could be said for my students. Some of them are angels,
others I just want to roll up a magazine and smack them across their faces.
I’ve met store staffs, daycare center staffs, waitresses, business people, and again they ALL say the same thing about the clients and customers they encounter.

That’s just the way it is.