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Why some buyers don't get to complete orders

If you are presently a seller on fiverr marketplace, the following content will definitely be something that you can relate to on a personal basis. In case you don’t know, it’s not all supposedly buyers that get to place an order after reaching out/asking questions to get answers in areas that they need certainty. But why is this so, the answer is not far fetched, a lot of “PROSPECTIVE” buyers on a serious note do not reach out to just one seller. Surprisingly, they might even be communicating with a lot of sellers at a time to determine which among the pact will meet their own criteria for the job at hand. So, what can sellers do to help themselves? One thing is sure and true. Firstly, you will have be friendly and polite during conversations. Secondly, always try to respond at upmost 2-3 minutes after a prospective buyers send in a message. Even though you are clueless of what to say, you can try saying that you just saw their message and you are reading it up. But, you would love to be given few minutes before getting back to them. On a final note, this lifestyle takes time and practice. Don’t forget, “if you do the right thing repeatedly, you will reap the right results”


Responding to every message within 2-3 minutes is impractical I’m afraid - showering, sleeping, driving etc.?

That makes you look a bit unprofessional - if a buyer asks you a question, it’s much better to respond with the information they’re asking for, even if it’s a few hours after they sent their initial message.

Hope this helps, and good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Well you might say it sounds a bit unprofessional. But, have you think about f what will happen for having to keep a prospective buyer to wait for a long time to see your response come through to their messages? In my opinion, only 4 out of 10 would wait for such a long time. With the recent hype about fiverr sellers and their respond time, buyers will certainly be hoping that sellers live up to this hype.

My response time is an hour, it always has been.

I manage to get plenty of sleep, shower regularly and drive.

I couldn’t do all that with my mobile glued to my hand, just in case a message came through and I was only giving myself 2 to 3 minutes to answer every message.

So long as you reply as quickly as you can, they’re happy. I’ve never once had a buyer complain that they’d waited too long for a reply. :slightly_smiling_face:


For new sellers, the idea of having to be glued to their phones/tablets is not an option but a necessity. Seeing that they are enthusiastic about getting their first order, review, recommendation, and CASH of course. Can any seller relate?

Nah, this is unrealistic. Why, because of the time zone differences or other responsibilities, as long as I reply with 24-hours I’m good to go. Many Sellers here have to deal with businesses outside of Fiverr. My RR is currently 1-hour that’s PERFECT, my :iphone: is not attached to my hip all day to receive notifications. Fiverr, said maintain a 90% RR, mine is at :100:% so I’m doing my part.

Sure, if the :beetle: and other annoyances don’t interfere with my ability to be a doer.


Oh I’m enthusiastic about all of those things as well, but I have a life outside of Fiverr and the internet in general.

There are better things to be doing than holding onto your phone just in case a message comes through. :slightly_smiling_face: