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Why some buyers even don't reply after Delivery?


We have experienced many buyers on Fiverr and some other sites we provide services that some Buyers even don’t reply after Delivery. We have served our all clients happily, most of them give only thanks, a few give reviews, and some buyers even don’t message back! We have asked them again and again if they want any Revisions so please feel free to ask. It’s so disappointing, Please don’t do this!


Once you delivered your finished order, there’s no obligation on the buyer to contact you again, or to leave feedback.

If you keep ‘asking them again and again’, all you’ll do is annoy them.

Also, communicating with buyers after a gig is completed isn’t welcomed on Fiverr, counts as spam, and can have your account suspended or worse.


You are right, But they should they should at least Thanks us for our hard work at the end or “Mark the Order as Complete” so that we become satisfy.


Buyers can choose to mark the order as complete, or it’ll complete automatically after 3 days.

As sellers, we’re getting paid for it - any other form of thanks etc. is like a tip, unnecessary but welcomed, if and when it happens.


Yeah we know. But they should think about our feelings.


If you’re going to get upset because a buyer doesn’t say ‘thank you’ you’re going to be a little disappointed on Fiverr I’m afraid! :slight_smile:


I think it’s not bad. Don’t reply better than bad review.


They’re not your friends nor are you doing them a favour. They pay you for your hard work, so there is no need to thank anything. Be professional and don’t whine about the smallest things duh :baby:


I did some posters for a friend of mine, we agreed for the pricing when he paid me, I said thanks. He replied to me “Bro there isn’t thanks in doing a business”. Just like @wuerz123 said, they pay you so you should be happy that you made some money. If they didn’t contact you, they probably are happy with the work you have done for them.

I saw your profile and you have two reviews, to be honest, I think that you overcharge a bit because the work you use is kinda templated one from Freepik/Graphic Burger. Many clients know how to do a reverse search image on google and they can found out that in a second. Definitely, that might be the reason why some of them never leave reviews.


Why would you do that?
When the order is done, it’s done. End of line.
Of course it is nice to have a buyer who is able to communicate in a reasonable way, but in the end the only thing that counts is that you delivered your work and get paid. Don’t waste your time pondering about this kind of people.


This reminds me on a conversation I had with the CEO of a firm I was working for a long time ago. It went as follows and actually he was totally right:

Me: “You only come to our departement when something went wrong and start complaining. When everything went well we don’t see you anywhere near.”

He: “I effing pay you to do your job right. Do you expect that I come every time you did something right to your office and pet your shoulder. It’s what I effing pay you for. And now eff off and go to work.” (This were his actual words).


Our Display Images are little bit related to freepik and some other sites… Everyone uses Google pics to display… We have used some google pics and some of our own portfolio… But our clients delivery is 100% Unique and Original with copyrights. All of our clients are satisfied but only 2 buyers didn’t reply after delivery but that haven’t seen the message tho. We have earned 250$+ this week with 8 Orders! Our work is 100% Satisfactory and we provide exceptional customer care that’s why we charge little bit higher than other sellers.


Okay, here on fiverr, because it’s a supply driven marketplace my prices are lower than I would sell on other platforms. Well I don’t use google images as display photos in my portfolio all of them are original and made by me.


Yes of course i agree with you. if buyer don’t what to response to you. i think it’s a ok because i have a lot of auto complete order.


I’m not sure why… Some won’t, they don’t need to since the system will mark it complete anyway.

I love feedback/ratings too, but once you deliver, the focus is on helping the next client unless they request a revision or have additional comments.

I’m with all the others here:
Asking for them to say something with additional messages is simply annoying and a waste of time for both parties. It makes little sense to send them additional messages.

What they say at the end of a delivery is “nice”.

The way you can tell if you really did a great job is in two factors:

  1. The order from you again (and again). That’s real feedback.
  2. They recommend you to someone else… (and that person mentions it).

Other than that experienced sellers are focused on making something excellent for their next client. Deliver, then move on.


Buyers have different reasons why they don´t leave a review and they don´t have to anyway. What if a buyer doesn´t want to leave a (bad) review coz he/she doesn´t want to hurt your gig? I have read in the forum that a bad review is worse than no review. Don´t sweat the little things! :slight_smile: