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Why Some Buyers want to get work done for free?


Some Buyer requested packaging design.
1- then, have created one for him and deliver it to him.
he said i want new concept
2- then i have made for him new one from scratch.

after some revisions:" he asked me to change colors,
i offered him extra to design the labels and add text or provide me with AI file"

then he opened dispute.
finally, with him now 2 designs ready for publishing commercially.
is is fair to make all this job with 5$ or for free even?


Be professional give whatever your buyer ask, if he has opened a dispute then drop him a message in inbox and discuss with him and try to offer free designs instead, that might be help. don’t lost your buyer but definitely don’t provide any designed materials without watermark!


Also use the Copyright Notice on your gig saying that all the deliverables can just be used under your licence, with will be given after the payment. This helps and Fiverr will give you all the paper and history you need to prove your case.


i have disactived the watermark,
thanks alot,
will reactive it again


The Buyer open disputed 3 times,
in the third time i accept the dispute,
and now he get two concepts ready for commercially free.


you have to watermark your own not just fiverr dont provide high resolution files or any raw project files ! just proofs only.


THanks Alot,
your reply is very helpful.

this is the second time buyer get his work for free.


Yes thats just a theory don’t worry about it :slight_smile: i’ve lost $4000 worth projects same as you! and then i leaned to provide proofs low res files :slight_smile: if buyer didn’t said “approved” then i’ll not provide the work. i’ll ask twice to get buyer “Confirmed / Design Approved” word!

glad to help you :slight_smile:


really helpful,

One Still learn from professionals such as you.
Thanks Alot,
with my regards.

i Hope you enjoy your time


Man I would like to work for free if it’ll help to earn some reputation


THe problem is that buyer cancel order then you lose some reputation


So there is actually no way to work for free? Site not letting me set the price lower than $5 =( it will be just cool if I could show anyone that I can complete their task before they need to pay for that


will take your delivery and go away,


That’s a shame =( Appreciate you for opening my eyes. That would be great though if there was feature for fresh starters to complete free task for building their reputation or at least some kind of special offer or 100% sale coupon.


it will be great,

i hope this feature to be existed