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Why some fiverr sellers have more reviews in their profile while they have just few in their gigs?

i am new seller at fiverr and i have seen number of fiverr sellers,
those have more reviews in thier overall profile but just few in their gigs.
is that mean fiverr deleted their some gigs?
so how can i secure my gigs and account ?


It’s possible they have paused/deleted a gig with many reviews or Fiverr has deleted one of their gigs.

The gig’s reviews would remain on the seller’s profile in either situation.

They might have stopped selling their gigs or they had gigs that are no longer allowed by fiverr. It is best not to have gigs that are now not allowed.

I think this is because the had more gigs in the past and they are no longer active.

For example, I had 3 different gigs - paused 2, but I can still see those gigs reviews in my profile.

I have seen that too ! As i’m also new I have really no idea if fiverr have algorithm issue or not.

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@sydneymorgan and @misscrystal you guys are fast haha I was just typing when suddenly…

The early bird catches the worm.

that would be nice slogan for fiverr :thinking:

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Don’t worry @indieoven you type faster than me !! LOL