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Why some gigs just disappear? [RESOLVED]


Did anybody realized that the gigs which were on top of searches just disappear? It’s not being shown at searches or even the categories menu.

It seems to be on every category.

Any idea whats going on?


Fiverr is running new algorithm test so if your gig is not appearing normal in search, please wait for sometime until it’s concluded.
“We’re running some tests on the search placement algorithm in order to best maximize placement for all Gigs, so if a Gig is not appearing in the normal place, it’s due to the test.”


Yes…i’m facing to that problem.lot of best rating gigs not visible now.something wrong…


I thought about this too, but fiverr support insist they CANT guarantee the placement, but hiding some gigs dont maximize anything


new algorithm affects to search result’s not affected to direct category menus.but now some gigs hidden.including 10k, 5k,4k reviews gigs.


we were working very hard for get 1K+ feedback…some days we did’t sleep 2-3 hrs per day…our gigs were 1st page,now we couldn’t find anywhere…please don’t do it…


As I can see not all categories are affected, but in some of them gigs with 700+ reviews are simply hidden (both searching and direct access via categories).


I just got this problem today. Someone copied my gig word by word including images. Now my gig is gone on the search page >.<


To OP: Since you’ve been involved in and started several other threads about search, gig placement and rank, algorithms and related topics, I think you are aware that Fiverr is doing testing and is gradually implementing new plans for search. In addition, from what others have described, Fiverr is take a closer look at some gigs. Is there really anything else that needs to be discussed about this that is not related to the fact that change is underway and sellers will need to wait it out and work on individual issues?


To everyone, this is the latest update from Fiverr other than a mention that everyone should be working on their search tags:

If you have other questions, Customer Support is the place to direct them.


Hello @fonthaunt

please know it’s not related with the same discussion lately.

This post was created to see if someone have some answer for this.

I’m getting a lot of complains about some repeat buyers who CANT find my gig.

We are waiting one, but maybe someone else has an answer.


Returning buyers should be able to find your gig by going directly to your profile page. Buyers who haven’t seen your gig before would be unable to complain, since they aren’t aware of you. Does that help?

Edit to add: Don’t forget to make sure that your current buyers bookmark and/or favorite your gigs that they can find them while things are in flux.


Yes, they should, but some dont know how to do this, no matter how much I explain.

I understand, but some want answers which I’m not able to give right now. I know it’s not my fault, but some clients dont understand this.

Of course I’m doing the best to attend and explain them, but it’s affecting directly some gigs, in a really bad way


If you have buyers who want answers that you cannot explain, you can also refer them to Customer Support. CS takes buyer concerns seriously. The buyers themselves can also post in the forum if they wish, but no one in the forum would be able to tell you from a seller standpoint how to explain something that hasn’t been officially announced.


But when someone get an answer, it could be shared here :slight_smile:
I’m not a top rated seller, so I have no priority at support requests like TRS have.

So here is a good place to share these information, since nowhere else somebody seems to be taking about this


it just seems to be fixed :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Edit: I just saw your last post. If it’s fixed, that’s great. Thanks!