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Why some of the sellers are asking 5 star reviews even if the buyer is not that satisfied with the results?

why some of the sellers are asking 5 star reviews even if the buyer is not that satisfied with the results?


If the buyer’s work was not worthy of 5-stars, then rate them as you see appropriate. Sellers cannot demand that you give them a specific star review. It’s your review. Post an honest one.

  1. Because they’re scared their Fiverr career will be ruined if they get anything less than 5 stars.

  2. Because they’ve read bad advice somewhere telling them to do it.

  3. Because they haven’t bothered to read the rules, and don’t know that they’re not allowed to ask for a 5 star rating.


You usually could tell if the buyer is satisfied and if he is, just asking for 5 stars is bad?


Asking for 5 stars (or for a positive feedback) is not allowed.


Sellers are not supposed to ask for reviews. But if they do it is to attract buyers to their gigs. You should give the review they deserve not what they ask for.

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that’s what i thought too.

In my case, I ask the buyer if there is anything else I can do to fulfill my buyer’s needs and if I can revise the order and fulfill my buyer’s needs, I ask them if they would consider updating their review.

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I am a seller too and if my clients is not satisfied on my service then let it be,I just don’t get it when i became a buyer, the seller ask to change my reviews even if im not that happy with the result.

i think this is fine if you as a seller give extra effort to improve the service and revise it even if it is marked as completed.

You may think it’s fine, but Customer Support might think of it as bribing the buyer to change the review, and punish the seller who does it.

They disagree with you (they believe that they have delivered as advertised), and/or want a 5 star review regardless of whether you’re happy with the result or not.

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thanks catwriter for additional info.

Is this a case of someone trying to get you to give a 5 star review when you weren’t happy with the product? Or is it the other way around? That doesn’t sound fair either way.