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Why some people are lying for?

Hi Its been a while that i am reading everyone’s stories on this forum but i have noticed that lot guys are posting fake stories just like today i have read two stories one of them was a girl saying how she earned 3000$ a month i went on her profile but lol she had zero sales and after that i went on a guy’s story he gave few tips to sellers and said that he joined fiverr in 2013 and on his profile it was june 2014 when he joined fiverr

Some are idiots. Some believe in “fake it until you make it” but have no idea how to practically apply it. Others seem to think the forums are the Magic Client Growing Tree and if only they can be visible with their impressive stats, they’ll get a bunch of buyers salivating at their door!

They’re mostly idiots, though. I believe this is me being “mean” and/or “arrogant”, but I ain’t wrong.

Well said emmaki (y)

You just tell like it is and some can’t handle the truth.

Yeh ^^ “fake it till you make” doesn’t work always :wink:

They live in a fantasy world.

It isn’t just lying about their capabilities. It’s also about claiming work that isn’t theirs as examples of what they can do. This is especially prevalent in the book cover design gigs.

How many artists worked on the book Quenched Like A Wick? There are at least a dozen sellers using that cover for their gig ad.

And the one that makes me laugh is all the sellers that are pretty much saying that they created the cover to Mario Puzo’s The Godfather. I came across five sellers using that cover in just a five minute search.

If this is the honesty level exhibited by some of the sellers here, I would hope that their efforts crash and burn and hopefully it occurs spectacularly in full view of everyone around them.

Lol and there are lot of sellers who don’t even know the correct spellings of graphics , I saw someone’s bio ''I am a professanal grafics designer lol haha they don’t even know how to spell professional and graphics Because of such fake sellers other real sellers are also affected. They buyers are running away from fiverr now

I am just saying. You joined over on the march I joined in mid-April Now it is 2 months I am level 2 wth 70+ reviews. I am not bragging here. You got 7 reviews. So who cares lies will be lies fakers will fake. Stop worrying about others. I only visited the forum and posted my success story ONLY when I ACHIEVED. Why don’t you work on your gigs get leveled up and then maybe you can post about your own story?

True told.
Lie doesn’t stays hidden forever.

Lol I will definitely post about my story and that will be true story not the fake one , The reason why i got 7 reviews because i am student its my final year in university i am busy in my final year project so i was on two months vacations just let me finish my university first then i will give my all time to fiverr and will post my success story here which will be the true story not the fake one


Yes, a fascinating contribution. Did you have a heart attack because of the brilliance of your thoughts? My condolences to your loved ones.

@setanta add two letters to make up something. b**

LOL. Would be funny if he really got a heart attack. I mean, what a good guess :slight_smile:

One, you sound very defensive. Two, your profile is very strange, as if it was started as a legit seller and then was sold or taken by ? Three, I’m replying a couple of months after you wrote this and you aren’t a level anything anymore. What the heck?