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Why some post on Fiverr Forum is locked?

I am seeing some post on this forum which can be read but comment option is disabled for this types of posts.
Why it is?
[N.B: I didn’t find anything spamming or violation of rules or anything like that.]

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You didn’t find it because spam and off-topic posts were deleted.

What usually happens is that someone resurrects a very old topic for no good reason (to ask something unrelated, or to give advice that’s no longer relevant (and haven’t been relevant for the last 3 years or so), or to promote themselves, or to rant, or to increase the number of their forum posts because they’ve read somewhere that it will bring them sales, or…), mods get notified of it, and lock the topic so that it’s no longer possible to add irrelevant posts.


When someone flag post as a spam it will hidden automatically.

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