Why some sellers leave requests among buyers requests? [REDIRECTED]


So, is that allowed? I am seller too, and every time when I look into buyers requests some sellers leave their advertisement among buyers requests. If it is allowed, we can all do same, but then those are not buyers requests anymore… and then whats the point of GIGs? Plus some of them really put on very short delivery time as few hours for things which can not be quality done in that time for $5, which is crushing other sellers additional money on fast delivery which is usually 1 day.

Worse situation in BR mode

where can i report it?

Look, this is what i meant on…


If you refer to the messages/inbox, I think they are spam and should be reported…

Terms of Service might be a bit hard reading, but other users are very nice in explaining things here in the forum :slight_smile:


I have also objection with it. Buyer Requests section is meant for Buyers only. Sellers can only make offers to them. They are not allowed for advertising. It should be reported to CS.


Reply to @amit98038: i would love to report some of those “buyer requests” >.> but sadly i see no report button.

those sellers are so annoying >.<


Reply to @katja1700: magy referred to the page containing “buyer requests” where lazy buyers are posting what they need done, for the sellers to bid on.

If you click on your username on the fivver site, a menu appears, and then the option “sales” has another menu. That is where you should see “buyer requests.”

[making it clear in case you haven’t noticed this page before :wink: ]


Reply to @peppermint_wish:

Thank you, yes my initial thought was about the personal inbox as many have had issues with spam there, checked again and that buyer request list doesn’t even seem to have a report button!

Not just sellers, there is even one buyer requesting shady business, their account is suspended but the request still haunts the list.

Now that I think of it, isn’t that list only available to sellers desperately seeking for jobs to do? Not very good place to try marketing your gigs, when doing so will only get people who see it angry.


This is getting out of hand. I am seeing more sellers offering their services than buyers requests. You have to scroll through them to see the real buyers requests. Not only that, one seller has an .exe file for people to look at his/her portfolio. What a great way to get a virus on your workstation!

Can we please just have buyers in that buyers request list?



they are shooting in the dark with the hope they get some sales. :))


First of all, this will not give them any benefit at all… :slight_smile:

Second, Some sellers which are new and don’t know how to start with … I saw many with no any gig at all but offering services at BUYER SECTION…

While few others just send deliberately…


There should be a spam button to report such sellers in the Buyer’s Request section.
For the past few weeks i am observing more and more sellers posting in Buyer’s Request section and now it has come to the point where there are more seller requests in “Buyer’s Request” section saying “I will get your work done within 2 hours” etc… than actual buyer’s.


Reply to @hadiwaqar: Suggesting it in Tips won’t do any good. There are active threads in the Suggestion Box on this topic and Fiverr staff can see those. I would post your thoughts on an active thread there.

Here is a new one:http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/83436/buyer-request

This is a better one to add to and even has a staff comment: