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Why some sellers promot their gigs on buyer requests section?

Hi everyone,

Guys i noticed that some sellers promot their gigs on buyer requests. What is meant by this? Is this true way? Is this not illegal??

Hi, good you ask and don’t follow their bad example. It’s not allowed, and if someone cares enough to report them, they can get into trouble, in the worst case lose their account. Best is to just ignore those “buyer requests” - some sellers just don’t know any better and think it means “request a buyer”.

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some sellers are new here, they don’t know fiverrs forum rule that’s why they are sharing their gig here. but this is not allowed .

Sharing gig on forum is allowed but i am talking about buyer requests section


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Kuldeep Rawat

Mod Note: This is an often-discussed issue. There are many suggestions about it in the forum, and staff is aware of the Buyer Request problem but it’s not entirely resolved as of today’s date. Feel free to discuss in an active thread such as the one below or contact Fiverr staff directly:

:bulb: To contact Fiverr directly, please contact Customer Support.

For a post about a lack of Buyer Requests, check here.