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Why sometimes Fiverr gigs are not visible on search?


Sometimes I can’t find my gigs on Fiverr search.what are the criteria for gig to stay on top while searching?


This is a billion dollars question, nobody here knows how the fiverr algorithm works, all you know is that 5 ratings feedbacks, responsive time helps.


Your gigs probably ARE visible in search but you can’t find them due to not knowing how to search for them. Put the main words of the title in the search box.


i have done 1,008 projects in fiverr. my buyer review feedback is 5 star, on time delivery rate 99%, response rate 99% and order completion rate is 99%. why i found myself on last page on search?


Yes I found them there just now. Have you had a lot of changes to your gigs lately? Have you had any recent cancellations? Or is your rate of cancellations high?


yes… i have changed lot of things of my gigs due to achieve TRS level. also i had a order cancellation last week.


Is it something new that your gigs are on the last page? How many times have you changed them and how recently?

Was the cancellation done by customer support or by mutual cancellation? Or was it a paypal chargeback?


maybe 10-15 times and within last 10 days


1.Was the cancellation done by customer support or by mutual cancellation? Or was it a paypal chargeback?

2.Have you had a problem recently with any buyer?

  1. What kind of changes? To the descriptions? images? prices? all three things?


that was mutual cancellation


my total cancellation number is 104 and 80 % of those done by paypal charge back


Let’s see if we can figure out what might have happened if you want to.

See my other questions please.


i did all 3 kind of changes


I have noticed that more than one change in a week can set it back, as can a cancellation. So to have both recently, that would probably trigger the gigs to be set on the last page.

I don’t know why the algorithm is like this but hopefully it’s temporary. I don’t know how often the gigs get re indexed by the algorithm.


how long does it take to return my earlier search position?


I don’t know. I mostly have regular customers so don’t pay attention to the search results.

It would be nice to figure all this out. Please let us know if your gigs move up.

I suggest not changing them for a while also.


last 1 year i was on top 3 in my category services… but recently i found myself on last page.


thanks a lot for your well experienced advices. i will keep that in mind.


The same thing happened to my account.
My top performing gigs are suddenly indexed on the last page. This has been going on for about a month or more now


These two things will definitely cause you temporary search issues. They may take you out of search for a few days to a week or they may just put you low in search. In your case it sounds like they put you at the bottom which is good news, because at least you can be found. If your titles have keywords in them that buyers are likely to search for they will still find you. Specific keywords can be better than generic. (I show up better for words like “animal” than for just “article.”)

There is no answer to this. Fiverr does not guarantee that you will show up in search at all. They do promise that sellers who show up in search will usually see their gigs move around and not stay in the same place. Some sellers do not ever show up at the top and some do on and off.

There isn’t anything you can do to influence whether you will be at the top or at your previous ranking. You can only focus on showing up somewhere in the search which is already happening for you. The private Fiverr algorithm will determine where you show up from day to day and week to week.