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Why sometimes my Fiverr gig is disappear from the search result

Hello from last 4 days I was facing problem is that my Fiverr WIX gig was disappeared I don’t know why and it is not in the search result … but now it is showing right now, can anyone tell me why its happen ? or whats going wrong with my gig or account?

Anyone here who is faceing same problem or not… actually i am new on fiverr and it is very important for me.

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Hi there,
If you use similar images for 2 gigs, they remove it from search… Use different images…Customer team said…

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no i am not use similar images… i have 3 different images for my all seven gigs and all the gigs are different from others.

m… then you have to ask the customer team… :slight_smile:

yes i was send email regarding this issue.