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Why spammers are top sellers on fiverr?


Recently I purchased few gigs from seo top rating gigs.

Unfortunately all of these gigs owners were offering spam links only.

I received 2000 bookmarks in report. and 80% links was from google banned websites. It means my website will be flagged soon.

How he can waste my 1000’s of dollars business for just his 4 bucks? and the most funny thing. there is no check. I was amazed how he received 2900+ posetive feedbacks?

After a few days analysis I discovered a great secret :slight_smile: … Want to know?

The main thing is:

They remove feedback by giving refund


They offer extra things to remove feedback

after getting permission they remove feedback by request fiverr customer support :slight_smile:

So, they are getting 100% rating and getting new orders…

ha ha ha ha ha h ah

That was an amazing thing for me when I discover that :slight_smile:

When it comes to marketing and promoting our websites, we must be careful how we choose to implement our marketing strategy. This includes doing research prior to submitting our websites to third-parties for them to promote on our behalf. Based on my research, many of those “get traffic quick” methods can be damaging to the website owners because some marketers use “black hat” seo methods. Doing a little more research when considering expanding your website promotions and building your brand will save you the hassle from these unfortunate type of experiences. You may have to roll up your sleeves and do some of the leg-work yourself or only hire “white-hat” seo professionals. I hope that you have better experiences in the future.

Best Regards

As a backlinks seller yourself, I find it a bit unprofessional and slightly ironic that you would make this post.

Backlink 101 (or basic common sense really) would prevent you from sending unknown links from an unknown source via an unknown provider, to your valuable web assets. 100% feedback or not, as a professional and someone who provides backlinks, you know that you should test the new source of links by sending them to an unimportant web property (web2 site/article on directory/parked domains/etcetc).

BTW I feel your post would have been all the more poignant had you not have been a backlinks seller yourself. As it stands now, it sounds like a bit of H8rs gonna H8

Try to resolve things between yourself. If that doesn’t work, try Customer Support. They’re here for you. Forum is not the place to shout out about it. I hope you understand. :slight_smile:

Reply to @oldbittygrandma: so am I. I would keep silent. am I a top seller :-?

I think there are two types of buyers one who believe in quality and other quantity, just ask yourself why you buy from him, I think you are attracted on numbers, if so you must be prepare to get wastage in buying bulk links…always go for quality only if you are serious about your seo. Or you just wants to spoil crokeservice just check the number of sales he make , I think now well over 70K for all… and this shows people just follow the numbers :slight_smile: and its amazing…not seriously :slight_smile:

The best way to build backlinks, is to build them manually. If you use software for backlinks google will flag your site.

Because , You and people like you help them to do this. Sometime people buy gigs that offer large number of links not the minimum good quality links for GOOGLE. You should think of what Google want not yourself. Best GIG’s are that offer 5 links and 4-8 pagerank each Try to find them and order and you will help your website and your pagerank will increase.

Reply to @bigupyourbrand: Well put.

Reply to @bigupyourbrand: Well put.

Reply to @bigupyourbrand: Well put.

Reply to @bigupyourbrand: Well put.

Reply to @bigupyourbrand: Well put.

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