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Why take away 20% from tips? (solved)


So I received my first tip today (I only have 2 orders completed). I saw a similar thread but couldn’t manage to find it. However, my question is, why is it that fiverr takes away 20% from your tips? Basically, it’s like a waiter/waitress working for a restaurant and helping the restaurant make money, and the restaurant also takes 20% from their tips. It’s slightly unethical I guess yeah? I’m not going to judge though. Just wondering what everyone else thinks about this as well.

In real life, it sounds like a mean and grumpy manager ripping your tips off :stuck_out_tongue:


Because… if Fiverr didn’t take 20% from tips, some sellers would try to get their buyers to pay for the gigs using tips so they wouldn’t lose the 20%.


I also have a question.

WHY people repeat threads nth times. :question: :grey_question: :question:


Hmm makes sense. Is this the actual reason from fiverr itself?


I would think so, unless you can think up a better one! :wink:


I’m sorry if by any chance you are blind.


Hahaha true true. Thanks for your comment though. Had some doubts that’s why I was just wondering.


AND THE BEST OF ALL… by one of the most knowledgeable one among us. :arrow_down: :arrow_down:

I am NOT, but looks like you are. Let me know if you need more, as I said before, nth TIME REPEATED.


There’s an article about it in the Help section, too.


Why they take from tips? :rofl:


why people bother with repeat threads?


Congrats on receiving your First tip. By collecting 20% commission on tip they are avoiding any possible misuse of this option. If they remove this fees sellers and buyers can conspire to avoid paying 20% commission by ordering $5 gig then pay rest of the amount in form of tip.


Why take away 100% when the client demands a refund?

Imagine this, an Indian woman has a wedding company, she orders my $20 Facebook package which includes not just one ad, but all the demographics, interests, i.e. I have to use the Facebook editor to find that information.

I deliver, and she’s not happy with the ad, so she asks for a revision. I do the revision, then she tells me this:

“Hi, I am sorry need to cancel this order as I feel you are not able to understand my requirements. Probably my line of business is new to you. Kindly cancel this.”

Then I told her:

“I am very disappointed, what about the demographics and interests I found? What about the time I spent? Who compensate me for that? I deserve at least $10:”

Of course, I’m not going to get it. Not every buyer has a conscience, some are happy to treat us worse than servants. Best thing to do is be grateful when you get paid, and try to forget the people that didn’t pay you.

P.S. Tips in restaurants are shared with lots of people, not just the waiter.

"Many restaurants require or recommend their wait staff to tip a certain percent of their tips or net sales to the various support staff. All the wait staff may be required to put in 20% of their tips, or 1% of their net sales, into a shared pot that is divided by managers between bussers, bartenders and hosts. Some state laws prohibit tip sharing to be extended to supervisors and managers, but they rarely make the list anyway."
Restaurant work is a team effort. You may be the one taking the orders, but someone else refills the cups, brings the bread, etc.

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No. I would never do such a thing.

I, as a buyer, have nothing to gain by paying in the back end.
:confused: Really, what would that get me?


Ahh right right I see. It’s fair enough though. I was just very curious.


More work, because the seller is receiving more money?


I see.

I’d make a horrible thief as my brain doesn’t think that way. It takes too much energy and effort to lie, cheat and steal.

I rather pay the dough and forget about it.


As they say in India ‘All five fingers are not alike.’ same way humans are different.


Me, too, but some people seem to put most of their energy into cheating.

I’m supposed to be able to come up with various scenarios… :slightly_smiling_face: I’d still be a terrible thief, though, because I’m too lazy to put an “evil scheme” into action. :smiley_cat:


Its fiverr terms, you should be glad, that you are getting 80% because of them :wink: