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Why take away 20% from tips? (solved)


I find 20% a lot actually.

I think a better system should be: 20% of the price you pay.
And then only 10% or even nothing off the tip you give AND (this is important) you can only tip maximum 10 or 20% of the price you actually paid.
This way sellers can not cheat by making you pay with tips but they do get a “tax-free” tip at least.

I like to tip people, but not if it is also 20% off , why would I even bother to tip then? I’ll just pay a price that is a bit higher.


If you think 20% is too much, look at what Uber/Lyft drivers are getting paid compared to what the customer is paying. I think those companies are charging 25-30%.

You should also tip people because we get 80%. You’re not helping us when you don’t tip. As for preferring a higher price, I’m not going to charge higher prices just because some people prefer them. I need orders everyday, and because things have been slow, I’m gonna be lowering my prices to see if orders pick up.

Personally, the problem isn’t the 20%, the problem is getting no freaking orders for the past 4 days. I would gladly paid 50% if I could get some orders! Or if I could get paid in 7 days instead of 14. It seems Fiverr is making all these changes, and yet am I making more money? Am I doing better? Not really.


I’m sorry but this is a really bad idea. Lowering prices can diminish the perceptive value of what you offer. You might want quantity but your buyers want quality, or at least the perception of it. At times like this, you should be researching new gig niches that you can target with higher priced services. You should also be bidding (not on Fiverr) for several high-paying jobs per day, as well as be actively reaching out to potential clients.

Going low may result in more sales. However, if there is (as seems to be) diminished sales across the board, this will only result in you earning less long-term, while not having the time to strengthen the long-term continuity of your business.

You may also attract poorer quality buyers who result in higher cancellation rates, stress, and impacted workflow as a result.


So I should increase prices?


Raise prices on everything you are not selling. Don’t raise prices on gigs which are selling but predominantly to regulars. (Otherwise you might scare them away.) Add new gig images to gigs you do raise prices on. Get rid of dead gigs and replace them with something completely new and high value.

Then get yourself to bidding sites and you know… Basic marketing pony whipping.


Great idea! It makes it look like the ones that are selling are bargains.


I do have some gigs where I haven’t changed the prices, I’ll test your theory with those gigs.

I don’t like the bidding sites, too much competition, too much begging, too much conversation, they’re just not worth it. The scary thing is that my rating has dropped to 4.7, that won’t get me demoted, but I’m 0.1 points from being demoted. It’s just too stressful, sometimes I wish I didn’t care, but I do.


I just tell myself that I’ll like Taco Bell even less.


This happened to me today. I have a gig for $5 and the client ordered the most expensive package, $20.

I’m also trying your strategy of higher prices, but I do wonder if a low price might attract clients that end up spending a lot more than $5. I’ve seen sellers with packages like $5, $20, $40 or $5, $50, $100?

Another thing I’m doing is getting day of 1-day delivery options. While I like the extra money, I find it stressful. I like getting an order and delivering in 2-3 days, not having to rush when I don’t feel like working.


Ah, make sense. Same here, i just received my first tip last night, in my second order. Just wondering all night long why i lost the 20% from the tip.


The reason why Fiverr doesn’t let sellers keep 100% tips is because they don’t want sellers working under the table with buyers.
For example someone buys a $5 gig. The seller sneakily tells the buyer “hey if you tip me $50 I’ll do x and x for you.” That means the seller keeps everything without giving proper percentage to Fiverr.


If fiverr does not take 20% from tip, every seller will ask buyer to order $5 gig and pay rest of order amount as tip. common sense, make sense. :hugs: