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Why the auto traffic


Does bot clicks affect a gig because I see some of my colleagues send auto clicks to their gigs


What do you mean by “auto clicks” and how do you know that your colleagues doing that?


How is it going to affect the gigs? Even if they help boost your stats, the fact remains that it is a bot and not a human. Obviously, bots cannot place orders on Fiverr. So the traffic you get from bots is useless.

An increase in the stats/traffic is only significant if you obtain them from prospective buyers. Otherwise, it has absolutely no value. Also, artificially boosting stats isn’t going to have any effect whatsoever on the ranking of the gigs.


Auto clicks will not help you to get orders.

Be honest and fair play :slight_smile:


Unless your buyers are bots I don’t see any good reason to drive billion of bots to your gigs.


Using a traffic generating website which I know is bot


I am just wondering why:joy:


Using sites which generate fake clicks and views will cause your account to get suspend in long time. Those clicks and impressions might have influence on ranking your GIG in the search, but using those is not recommended at all.