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Why the Big Service Fee from Fiverr?

Why the big service fee from fiverr each time I buy even a small gig now? Has this stopped many of you from buying gigs? It has discouraged me a lot.

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Not at all. Most people understand that retail stores/sites include processing fees. Fiverr is no different.

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Before, the fee was much less; it was so little that it didn’t bother me. But now it’s over two bucks every single time. It will hurt fiverr more than help it.

Business policies change over time. This is normal, and to be expected of any growing business.

No, it won’t, nor does it appear to have done so thus far. But, I understand that this is the opinion you hold, and you are welcome to hold it.

I’m not a fan of the fees buyers have to pay because I feel like some of my potential clients get confused or discouraged to accept an offer when they see that the price is higher than what was discussed but on the other hand, this measurement actually helped get rid off a ton of resellers, e.g. sellers who don’t actually have the skills to offer the services they offer so they outsource and hire cheaper sellers to do the job for them which is not profitable anymore now that they have to pay $2 extra for every order. So I suppose the buyer’s fees have helped make this platform more honest in a way.

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