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Why the buyer cancel the order and take refunds the fee without any reason?

The buyer completed the order and gave me a good rating.

Why the buyer cancel the order and take refunds the fee without any reason? I asked him what was wrong with him and why you did cancel it without any inform me. But without answering my question, he is keeping the inbox ”Only visible to you”

I completed his 3 orders but he cancel 2 orders without any reason and take refunds the fee without any reason.

Please see the screenshot to better understand.

Now, what do I can?

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You should not post things with user names on them. You may still post this screenshot, but only after you blank out names or similar identifying info.

It looks like either he blocked you or has been removed from the Fiverr platform.

You can try asking CS if they can explain why he cancelled and got refunded for work he appeared happy with. You might get your money back. Ask very nicely.

If I were to hazard a guess, I would say this customer found a cheaper price elsewhere and decided to go there. No loss as if someone can’t value you, you are best off without them - no matter how much it stings at the time. Sorry to hear but he seems like a customer you are better off without.

From seeing your communications, I would strongly encourage you to improve your natural use of conversational English as that is off-putting and easily leads to misunderstandings.



The cancellations are due to a credit card or paypal charge back. The message that “you are unable to contact the buyer” is because the buyer has been banned from Fiverr.

It might be beneficial to contact Fiverr Support with all the screenshots that you have posted here, especially the one with buyer’s review. Sometimes, they do reimburse or dispute chargebacks on your behalf.


You may want to read more about this

Chargebacks and seller protection

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