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Why the buyer does not complete the order?


I have seen many buyers that after they get the finished work according to there desires even after the revisions, they don’t complete the order. And sometimes they do not reply when I asked them to complete the order.

I don’t know why?


There could be a number of different reasons from them being busy, forgetting or whatever other personal things going on in their life. If you already delivered your work, it’s not a problem. It’ll be marked as complete soon.


@lilacpunch Yeah I know it will be automatically completed. The main reason is that I want the buyers review because as I do hardwork to achieve the good reviews so I need the reviews.

Btw will it affect bad on my business if they don’t give reviews?


I understand, sometimes people just don’t review, not because they don’t like it. It’s happened to me when I worked on something I really wanted in my portfolio.
If they don’t review, it doesn’t look bad on your business. It doesn’t show any difference. Nobody will know except you and your buyer, that they didn’t review. All your percentages stay put.


OK :slight_smile: Thank You so much for clearing the confusion