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Why the buyer isn't responding?

Hi there! I have received 3 orders in the last 5 days. 2 of them released 5 stars review, 1 of them is just disappeared! I delivered the work almost 2/3 days ago and this evening the order will be automatically complete. I wrote a quick reminder to the buyer but he enters on Fiverr and doesn’t reply to me; he has entered so many times… Does anyone know how to manage this situation? Thanks.


I think the best thing to do is get in contact with fiverr support team, there isnt much you can do if the buyer isnt responding on your end.

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Hi! Fortunately, the buyer replied to my message and he was very satisfied with the order and my work; he also said that he would give me a 5 stars review for my service. Unfortunately, after 3 days the order automatically completes, and - that’s what I understood - the buyer can’t release a review anymore

There is no need to contact CS for this. You will probably face this situation over and over again. It happened - and still happens to me, too.
Reply and leave a review after the work is done isn’t mandatory for buyers. But keep messaging them or even worse asking them for a review, could lead to a warning by Fiverr or even a ban for you.
So, the best thing is to leave your buyer alone. I know it could sound weird or disappointing, but if you delivered the work there is nothing else you can do. You’ll have your money (and a review if the buyer will be willing to)


I guess it’s forbidden to mention another platform, mb