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Why the Buyer Requests section is empty?

Hey guys
why my buyer requests section is empty, How can I send offers if it is empty…


new seller not showing to much buyer requests. try refresh after every 10 minute.

thank you.


okay,Thank you Sadek

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welcome :upside_down_face:


its active several time a day, just refresh the page after a while,


Buyer Request for a specific period of time.New seller can’t see more requests.Keep refreshing after a while.


hope that’s the case :smiley:

how much time exactly if may I ask? Thanx

Yes, that’s it :smiley:


@we_translate Empty buyer orders means you did not use the Key words in your gig which are most demanding
try to review your gig again and try to add the word which will be helpful to see buyer request.

when a buyer send a request, he/she choose the services and categories first.
only those sellers can see that request who choose that category or words.

wish u good luck

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so I need to add the key words in my gig ?
thank you for the good TIP !

yes key words. Also category and sub category helps to see the same category requests.
its better to make many gigs with different key words and categories, it increase the chances


There’s probably no buyers that need anything in the categories of the gigs that you offer! Just check back in a little bit to see if maybe there’s new buyer requests later!

thank you ! I will for sure take your advice

Thank you for your comment
I don’t think that’s the issue, I offer translation services and it is very requested

@we_translate Fiverr send his buyer request by following time schedule, by more activity you will catch this , dear. best of luck

thank you for the reply warda !

same thing i noted. most of time no buyer requests
i wan to know how to find more buyer requests